do you ever find stuck or stumped in a life situation? do you ever find that you end up talking yourself in circles about the situation and for the life of you, being unable to figure out what to do next?  you just wish that there was just someone you could chat with that really understood what you’re going through or has been through the situation- whether it be business related or some personal struggle.  or maybe it’s this giggle that you just need to share.  or the fact that you think you’ve figured out how to be most successful in cutting confetti and know the best bits of paper for the most ideal floating confetti.

that has been me.  fact- i live a double life.  during the day, i am part of the recruiting team for a entertainment tech/digital media company.  i work from as soon as i wake up through 10 pm at times.  that world is quite a bit different from this blogging and photography world.  there are times during the day when i see something going on in the wedding photography world that i look up from my computer and want to vent to my coworkers, but i know they will have no flipping idea what the heck i am talking about and no idea how to help me.  so that’s when this community comes in to play.  almost immediately, i will message a close wedding photographer friend or any one in this blogging world i am close with.  they talk me through the issue and help come up with solutions.  i have relied many a time on that advice to help make this blog better.  so i truly believe in the essence of a community and therefore am excited and totally 100% support for this retreat.

Kym Ventola, the one behind this, is a dear sweet friend of mine.   in her little ways, she’s been there for me…whether through social media or physically in person at the rare times we end up being in the same city.  i treasure this lady’s friendship with me and she’s truly an inspiring woman.  what i like about Kym is that she is whole heartedly willing to admit she doesn’t have it figured out.  she’s had her struggles as well, but wants to help others through similar situations and be able to learn and grow from others as well.  i am thrilled she is doing this and the ladies she has partnered with for this include quite a few more ladies that i am uber proud to call friends and have admired for their strength.

what do i love about NINE?

NINE is a retreat for women.
NINE is education and relaxation.
NINE is a safe place for us to support each other.
NINE is a place to be honest and humble and to find the answers we desperately want, but don’t know where to find them.

what else is NINE going to offer:

  • growing your business, while creating more time for yourself, your family and your friends
  • taking control of your finances; learn to save & spend wisely
  • discovering and defining your passions and responsibilities
  • overcoming fears & guilt
  • talking about anxiety and depression
  • getting inspiration and support from our humble, kind, loving and insightful speakers
  • vulnerability
  • community: meet and connect with incredible women
  • creating habits in your daily routine for success
  • photography: we have many photographers attending and will answer any questions you have
  • “dressing your truth”: does your style reflect who you are deep inside?
  • learning simple, healthy makeup tips for a busy schedule
  • learning quick & easy workout routines
  • healthy eating: juice and smoothie lessons to improve your health
  • yoga on the rooftop each morning
  • sharing dinner on the beach with new and old friends, at sunset
  • laughing….a lot.
  • some extra surprises along the way too!


if this sounds like something you’re interested in, NINE retreat is

September 21-24 | Venice Beach, California

and i have a special promo code to use for THIS WEEK ONLY.  enter everours9 at checkout.

and obviously head on over to NINE Retreat for the full list of speakers and for more information.

never ever underestimate the power of just spending time with other women in this community and developing that genuine friendship.  those bonds are truly some of the ones i cherish the most.  as cheesy as that sounds….i will yell it from the mountaintops.  that’s how strongly i believe in the simple power of gathering a group of women and each discovering their strengths and realizing they aren’t alone in anything in life.  and let’s be honest, hanging out in the beach house should be the cherry on top.

so again, head on over HERE to learn more and register.  and don’t forget the special promo code!



Angel (bride) is a photographer from Brooklyn NY and Rory (groom) is a handsome Irish artist. The two met while Angel studied in Dublin some years back. It was kind of love at first sight, but it took some time and a few changes in latitudes for things to finally line up. They are both gypsies at heart and go where inspiration takes them. When it came down to getting married they chose the Wicklow Mountains. It’s not too far from where Rory grew up. It was a great decision considering home is anywhere for these nomads. They have lived in all the major cities and decided to keep it simple for their wedding. It was best to be surrounded by family and friends. The guests were invited with custom invitations designed and hand drawn by the groom. Angel added her touch with Calligraphy and a hot wax monogram seal.

The morning of the wedding, Angel set out early to forage and make her bouquets. She found fresh heather and ferns that complimented her non traditional brides maids. Their friends and family also helped pick flowers from the grounds to put together the center pieces. We were greeted by a herd of Irish horses and all their new baby foals. The trees were covered in moss and the greens were something to dream about. We snapped some shots and made our way to bridal prep.

Rue De Seine, is where Angel found her vintage dress from the 1950′s. It flew to NY all the way from New Zealand. It was a perfect fit for her. She has a bit of that old world beauty complete with the red lips. She wore her grandmother’s veil and turned the antique crown into beautiful combs to hold her veil into place.The favors were vintage handkerchiefs and post cards. Her table numbers were cities from the US and she even brought her own American flag to tie into the day. We trekked through giant pine trees and fields of horses to create some stunning images that I hope they cherish for a lifetime.

huge thanks to


for sending this stunning Ireland wedding over to share.  a simply gorgeous wedding where you can see it was just good vibes all over. that one of the bride wrapped in the flag stopped me in my tracks.

head on over to CHRISTINA’S BLOG for much more of her latest and greatest.



all the above is what i love about wedding photography.  there are so many layers to it.  the above showcases how it isn’t just about the storytelling of the big wedding day, but what essentially is the most important thing, the love between two people.  that’s what is celebrated.

i love that the above captured that.  and the other layer is that the two in FRONT of the lens are also amazing photographers, thus throwing confetti for building community between photographers.  love Amanda and Howard of The Shalom Imaginative.

and i am extremely grateful to


for sending this one over to share.  this is just a tiny glimpse of what this talented duo can do.  i just got lost for a while on their blog, going through pages of their work.  every image had so much heart.  go see for yourself on THEIR BLOG.



huge thanks to


for sending this one over.  love Leo and Kat like family.  their work is consistently stunning and always upholding the importance of wedding storytelling and love.

“This is near and dear to my heart because couples like Christine and Ryan are the reason why we do wedding photography. The simple details of their day played a beautiful backdrop to their even more amazing ceremony and reception with a few friends and family. “

 much more of their work can be seen HERE.  you most definitely want to see what else they’ve been up to.  the above is just a tiny glimpse to the powerful beautiful work they have.



love what this couple did instead of the usual portraits…

“They opted out of having the usual portrait walk around a wedding venue. Instead we retraced the steps of their first date and kiss on Capitol Hill. The townies were out in full force to welcome them and celebrate!!”

no other better photographer to make sure this was captured well, but


thrilled to have his work on here always always. for more from this fun portrait walk, head on over HERE, then mosey around JONAS’ BLOG for much more of his latest work.




who knew that that Texas light could be this stunning?

this couple wanted to celebrate their one year anniversary with the same wedding photographers so they galavanted over to the cotton fields and had a gorgeous mini styled shoot to commemorate.  those flower crowns by Gypsy Floral and Events were just something else.

and as always, super stoked to have


on the blog again with their stunning work.  this photography team has way more up their sleeve that you’ll want to see for yourself.  so head on over to THEIR BLOG for much more of their work- weddings, engagements, galore… the way they capture the intimate moments between bride and groom, husband and wife, is just something else.



i am more than thrilled to have


on the blog again with this breathtaking elopement. Jaquilyn and her husband, Travis, are the sweetest ever and after four years of knowing them on social media, i FINALLY had the chance to meet them in person last fall…it’s always been a favorite thing of mine to meet the photographers that have long supported this blog and that i have long admired. love these two and their cutest little family.

you simply MUST check out more from this talented team over on THEIR BLOG too.

“Opting for a simple ceremony that celebrated their love and devotion, Summer and Jordan chose Washington’s Rattlesnake Ridge as the location to share their vows. We joined the couple at the trailhead to start the hike, which gains 1,175 feet of elevation in just under two miles. In just under two hours, Summer and Jordan climbed to the majestic ridge overlooking Rattlesnake Lake and the Cascade Mountains. There we met up with their officiant (and her husband) and experienced a sweet, personal ceremony complete with handwritten vows, prayers, communion and, of course, beautiful vistas.

Experiencing such a momentous experience on a mountain overlooking endless forests added to the serene power of their elopement. After taking advantage of the evening light for portraits at the edge of the cliff, we raced down the hill in the dark using flashlights and the light of the moon to guide the way. Once we made it back to the trailhead, Summer and Jordan cut their homemade wedding cake.

From Summer: “We wanted to keep the focus of the entire day on the commitment we were making to each other rather than letting it get drowned out by all the traditional wedding details. An important goal was to create an experience in which Jordan and I could start our lives together in a way that reflected who both of us are as individuals and as a couple. Only having six people at the ceremony allowed us to relax and be ourselves and enjoy the experience without feeling like it was a performance. The words were just for us. The theme for our wedding was journeying and overcoming obstacles together. My favorite moment was standing at the top with my veil blowing around my face. I felt so beautiful in an epic setting. Every part of the day turned out perfect and exceeded our expectations.”

other wedding vendors involved included:

Hair: Misty Lashell Morrow of Arrow Hair and Beauty // Make up: Bride // Veil: Made by bride // Cake: Made by bride // Flowers: Flower stand at local gas station // Dress: French Connection // Bride’s Shoes: Glint from Nordstrom // Bride’s Boots for Hike: Mtng from Zulily // Bride’s Ring: Vintage from Antique Jewel Box on Etsy //Suit: Tailor-made by Noble Suit Co. // Groom’s Shoes: Allen Edmonds //Groom’s Boots for Hike: Broken Homme