i am:
a dreamer.
in love with weddings and anything to do with weddings.
able to trick people into thinking i am a cynic in regards to love. but i’d call myself a realist.
in love with love, despite my exterior emotions.
constantly inspired by others.
looking for more inspirations.



like many other girls, weddings and everything that goes along with it, is a day we look forward to. while the chaos and stress can overtake us in the months before, the love, the beauty, the emotions, and the whole idea of two soulmates uniting is such a wonderful thing to be celebrated.
i am not bride-to-be, nor do i plan on being one anytime soon. :) but i love being inspired by what others have done so far for weddings, especially with photography and cinematography. ┬áin the end, it’s these vendors that help make your day memorable and this blog is just a way to show them off.