{announcement} how to help those affected by hurricane sandy…

there’s probably no way to repeat what we all did with For Japan With Love.  and there are of course, still no words to describe how amazing that little campaign became.  we were blessed and so fortunate at the time to have had the support and encouragement of so many.  we do believe it was the perfect timing and since we all felt helpless watching it all unfold,  some direction on how to help was much needed.
as you all may have heard, a “superstorm” hit the East Coast.  us on the West Coast vividly remember sitting in 85 degree sunny weather wondering how on earth the other side of the country could be going through such a 180 degree day.  it was one thing to see the storm ripping through the coast lines and into Manhattan, but a whole other thing to see what damage it had done.  homes flooded, some even burned and were torn down, shortage of gas, more than millions without power and hot water still, the list goes on.  tt’s starting to hit high 20’s and low 30’s over there at night.  i can’t even imagine what it must be like.  our hearts break a little and we all wish we could be there physically and volunteering and helping out in any way that we could.   
so we’re asking you all again, this time in a different way.  we’ve compiled a list of a few ways that we think would be most beneficial and most helpful.  it only takes five minutes to donate if you can, only takes a few hours to gather materials and ship them over to places in need, and for those on the East Coast, if you have the opportunity to, we hope you can take just a few hours to help with the clean-up efforts and physically help where it’s needed.  and again, we over here, totally believe in the power of “every little helps”.  those who were part of For Japan With Love, totally believe it and can vouch for it.  thanks for listening and let’s keep those on the East Coast and those affected by Hurricane Sandy in our thoughts and prayers.
Looking for volunteers:
Occupy Sandy New Jersey/New York:
Rockaway Relief:  (this link has a huge list of not just volunteer help but also what other supplies are needed)
New York Cares- Disaster Relief for Hurricane Sandy:

take care everyone.
east coasters, stay warm and do reach out to me if you need any help with anything.


    Anonymous says:

    Stop giving me reasons EVERY DAY to love you!

    I adore your soul.

    And thanks for being there :)

    Anonymous says:

    You are amazing!! Thank you so much…I experienced Sandy first hand and I was fortunate that the only "damage" I had with Sandy was losing power for 10 days. NJ/NY needs all the help that can get!! xo

    Anonymous says:

    Your compassion is such a blessing! We should all help in any way we can.