in just a few, i’ll be revealing some pretty crazy amazing frames from photographers all over.

let me start with a little about this week and what you will see.  i’ve had this blog for about three and a half years now and if it isn’t obvious already, i’m a huge HUGE fan of photography.  i think photographers are THE most essential vendor of any big day.  think about it, who else is going to help you capture every moment and every detail of that day.  and if you get a damn good one, all of that was captured beyond beautifully and perfect.  i digress.  throughout the years, this blog has been a huge advocate of showcasing some amazing work.  i am SO fortunate to have so much encouragement and support from some of the best photographers in this world.  even more blessed that some of these have become dear friends of mine and i mean dear, dear friends of mine.

a lot of the times at the end of the year, blogs will do a “best of” from featured posts from their own blog.  i decided to something a little different and probably signed myself up for a most impossible project ever.  i reached out to more than a handful of photographers, both friends and some i wasn’t too familiar with, and asked for them to submit their “best of 2012″.  i wanted to be able to showcase these amazing photographers who have been so supportive of my blog and me, but also discover new ones to follow and admire.   i honestly thought that people would be too busy with the holidays and not have time or not be interested really. note to self:  when you ask some of the best photographers in this world for their “best of 2012″, you’re in trouble.  you end up getting their version of the cream of the crop and handed literally an impossible task to pick.   i ended up with 700+ images to cull through.  ridic.

took me about 3 to 4 days, but i finally cut it down to roughly 110+.  i didn’t want to overload you all with a ginormous post so i’ve spread it out over this whole next week.  i tried my best to theme the images per day.  so apologies if some aren’t where you think they ought to belong.  these images are in no particular order, i must emphasize.  each and every frame was picked by me because something stood out or because i felt like you all needed to see it.

to all the photographers that submitted, friends or soon-to-be friends,

thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing your work with me.

honest to blog, it made my week impossible but in the most amazing way ever.  it made super proud to know so many talented people out there.  it’s just unbelievable the work you all captured this year and i can hardly wait to see what 2013 brings.

so without further ado,



    you’re a rockstar. i can’t wait to see everyone’s photos!

    Lena says:

    What an amazing way to do a best of–the photos so far have been stunning!