pretty sure you guys are getting the hang of #everoursafterhours.  but if not,  again just as a reminder, i’ve grown antsy with targeting brides and grooms as the sole readers of this blog and have felt that the wedding photography/videography community has given me and this blog so much more.  so while still featuring the most beautiful wedding photography there is out there, but i am gearing this blog with a direct focus on and for wedding photographers and videography.  so it won’t be just a place for you to be wow’d by their work, but to learn the “why” behind their work, to get to know photographers and videographers that are the game changers or ones that in their tiny little corner of the earth are just getting it done.  i have always, ALWAYS, prided myself on the that community that i have the fortunate experience of knowing and featuring.  for the past five years, i have surrounded myself with such a beautifully talented community of wedding photographers and videographers.  so i’m just going to build on that this year and give them the spotlight they deserve.  i’ll be highlighting photographers almost every week.  but obviously if i have the time, i’ll be featuring more but it’s all dependent on the photographers who have the time to answer too.  it’ll be up on Sundays and it’ll just be a chance for photographers to kick back after shooting a wedding, grab a coffee, and have a lazy Sunday read.

this sunday’s ever ours after hours is highlighting


if you don’t know Jakob and Cole of Nordica Photography, you have been hiding underneath a rock.  i am super honored to be able to share their work in my “Best Of” two years running now.  but just really stoked they took the time for this.  these guys have truly pushed the boundaries of wedding photography and kept a lot of you motivated  to up your game and perfecting the art.  their breathtaking work isn’t just on the grand scale of the most exotic and beautiful backdrops, but also on the tiniest of moments between their couples.  what i also truly appreciate about Nordica is the fact that want to share their knowledge and help others kick their butt in high gear and take their photography to the next level.  they are the ones behind Way Up North (which just sold out)  that has a killer line up of speakers that hope to help add that extra umph to your photography and your business.  but seriously though, it truly is such a joy to follow their work and constantly be in awe of what this team is capable of.  ok, i’ll stop fangirl-ing over here and let them talk.

How did you get your start in wedding photography?

Our path was definitely unique. Long story short, we graduated with master degrees in marketing in 2007. From there, parted ways and reconvened in Vancouver at the end of 2009. We wanted to do weddings and start a business together, but knew it wasn’t going to be easy. So 2010 was spent hustling and doing as much non-wedding work as you can think of. All the while, with every handshake we said we were wedding photographers. Eventually people associated us with that and the brand grew. There are many more stories to share about how we started, but at the root of it all was a desire to start a business and apply a style of photography we loved to weddings.

What is unique about your style of shooting?

What makes us unique is what makes every artist unique: the vision. No one can ever copy that.

Include one of your images that is your most recent favorite and explain why you love it.

Cole: If I answered this question tomorrow I’m sure something different would be written. For now though, this image from Iceland comes to mind. The conditions were absolutely brutal that entire day – the wind was unrelenting, it was pouring rain, and freezing cold (none of those points were exaggerated – it was awful). But for me, sometimes those harsh conditions in hardcore environments are the key ingredient for making something memorable because it shows a motivation to do something others might shy away from. That particular picture stands out because it involved because completely pounded by a wave which came up from a cliffside like a volcano of water which the couple stood on a natural archway, but that entire day stood out because it was just a grind. Also, that wedding was one of the few I was able to photograph with Jakob this year and it was great to be able to make that happen.

Jakob: The most recent work is always what I like the most. It’s always been that way, probably always will be. So right this moment, I’m most happy with this image from a wedding I shot in St Lucia recently. I like it because of how the couple is part of the composition – an important part of course, since it’s a wedding portrait – but not the entire focus of the image. Even if it wasn’t a wedding photo, I would still like and be proud of the shot. Which leads in to my mantra as a photographer: Shoot work the same way you shoot your personal photography, and good things will happen. Both from a personal perspective and from a business and branding perspective.

What do you struggle with the most? Business wise or shooting wise.

Maintaining goals is a welcome challenge. Without goals, motivation can sometimes be hard to come by so creating new ideas and striving to achieve exciting things is a constant in our business. This isn’t a struggle to the extent that we’re battling to come up with new ideas – quite the opposite – but creating new goals certainly drives us and keeps us determined.

Where do you see wedding photography heading next? Where would like to see it go?

The service aspect is what we see having the greatest potential for change down the road. Photography will always have trends and evolutions with gear, styles and technology, so that change will remain constant. But service on a whole is evolving at a remarkable rate in all industries due to changing consumer expectations and a new perspective on ones’ value of time. So, that’s sort of a vague answer, but we feel the service aspect of the industry is going to experience the greatest shift.

If you could send one message to the wedding photography world, what would it be? (Basically, your life motto)

“Inspiration is for amateurs – the rest of us just show up and get to work” – Chuck Close

What drives you as a person and as a wedding photographer?

Cole: Before I had my two little girls, my answer would have been completely different. With those two little monkeys now being the biggest part of my world, everything I do is for them and that drives me. As a wedding photographer, my answer is quite a bit more selfish. I am driven to create work that I love, first and foremost. If I love what I’m creating, then I know the clients will as well and they’re the most important part of the entire business equation.

Jakob: What drives me as a person? That’s a question with many answers, but professionally, I’ve always been motivated by seeing how far I can go. Whatever it is, I try to aim as high as possible and do whatever I can to reach those goals.

What is it like to work as a team?  

Our working relationship is totally unique, and hard to grasp even for ourselves at times. When we started in 2010, two guys doing wedding photography together was odd enough to some, so for it to evolve and five years later we’re still going is definitely unique.

We make this work in two ways: Delegation and having goals. With delegation, we have an unwritten rule that the one of us will do a single task, and we never have the two of us working on the same thing. It might sound obvious, but in the early days it was an oversight for us to have both of us answer the same email (for example). So having work allocated to each of us has worked well. With having goals, we always put Nordica first and our own vanity second. That’s difficult for some to grasp – especially in a creative industry where self-fulfilment is important – but we’ve always been that way. So long as our brand is succeeding, we will receive the long-term benefits and we have always been on the same wavelength with this.

As for benefits and pitfalls, there are obvious ones for each. With pitfalls, we don’t always agree on everything as we are very different people, but we know one another well enough by now to understand we’ll work towards a reasoned conclusion that’s best for the brand in the end. So we’re sort of employees of Nordica’s in that sense, which some may see as a pitfall. But certainly the benefits outweigh the pitfalls because we are very determined to grow Nordica into something great, so having like-minded people on the same team working everyday towards something makes the journey more seamless compared with being an individual.

If we had one piece of advice for people working as a team in this industry, it is to put the legacy of your brand before yourselves as individuals. Nobody ever told us that, but if we were to share one lesson with “the 2010 version of Cole and Jakob”, it would be that.

What makes you confetti throw at the end of the day?

Cole: Easy. My wife, Therese, and our two little girls, Asta and Embla.

Jakob: I drink whiskey at the end of the day.


Nordica Photography is based out of Sweden and Canada, but obviously travel world wide.  there’s really no other way to describe their work, so just go see if for yourself on THEIR SITE and THEIR BLOG.



oh you very well know that i wouldn’t end this without some confetti right?

this above is by far my favorite confetti capture ever.  many thanks to BABB PHOTO for this one.

and so there it all is.  the “Best of 2014″.

i know it was a massive collection and might have been overwhelming to get through it all.  some say that perhaps the specialness of being included might have gone away since there were so many.  but that wasn’t the true goal of showcasing this collection.  i wanted to make sure to include all the wedding photographers that sent something in because i have appreciated the support and encouragement they give to this blog for the past year.  this is my way of thanking you all AND celebrating you all for being part of the blog in 2014.  i tried my hardest to make sure to select images where you could all see how truly talented wedding photographers can be.  i hope i did it justice.

i want people to know as many wedding photographers out there as possible, to see all the talent there is, to see all their peers and how hard you all are working.  and most importantly, i want all wedding photographers in this community to be proud of what all your peers have been up to this year.  i want people to remember not to view as competition, but to view it as motivation for their 2015.  i want people to realize that while yes, it’s important to keep going, don’t compare yourself to what others have been doing,  don’t be jealous of the epic backdrops or destinations, but pick yourself up and get out there.  don’t let the competition take away from doing what you love.   backdrops, venues, and details aren’t what make the best wedding photography.  it’s what story you are able to tell from the wedding day or between the couple that is what is most important.  realize that this wedding photography community is here for you and with you.  encourage each other.  throw confetti at each other. let’s make 2015 better for each other.

this is the essence of this blog. while the primary focus is show off wedding photography, it’s also been making sure you all realize you are all in this together.  i love being part of the wedding photography community, even if i am not a wedding photographer.  this past year, i’ve truly enjoyed becoming closer friends with so many of you all.  all the tears, frustrations, belly laughs and confetti throws.  and it’s been absolutely astonishing to see the growth of individual photographers and most definitely fun discovering more talent.  i have had this blog for five years, it’s been purely a labor of love.  each year, i am even more thankful for the growth it has.  however, this year, instead of trying to fight the never ending battle of getting brides and grooms to understand the importance of having a solid gold wedding photographer, i have decided to build upon this wedding photography community instead.  i’ll be gearing this blog in a slightly different direction this year while still showcasing the best wedding photographers out there.  i’m out here in hopes to make this wedding photographer community even better.  i hope you all stay tuned for it and get others to come on board too.  let’s do this, 2015.

and on that note, again…thank YOU to all the wedding photographers that have sent in a feature this past year and to all the ones who are still sending in submissions.  i thank all of you for the patience while waiting to hear back from me.  it’s a one woman show behind here and i truly appreciate those who wait for months for their feature to go up.  i truly appreciate how much you all support this blog and i feel so lucky that you find this blog worthy of your work.  so thank you so very much.

lastly, thank YOU to all the wedding photographers that sent images in for the “Best Of 2014″.  my heart was bursting at the seams with how many of you sent something in and it’s truly with pride that i shared all of these this week.  thank you, thank you, thank you.  what an incredible 2014 you all had and i can’t wait to see your 2015.

and obviously, i can’t end on that note without some confetti right?!  my favorite confetti (or confetti like) images that were sent in below.













thank you so much for visiting this blog for not only the “Best Of 2014″ to check out these amazing wedding photographers and to cheer them on, but for coming every day to see what other beautiful work is out there.  here’s to a year of some crazy beautiful scenic venues and flawless lighting and shadows.  and here’s to an upcoming year full of the best of the best wedding storytelling there is.

goodbye 2014.  here’s to 2015.

let’s do this.

*throws confetti*



part one of the “Best of 2014″ for engagements, anniversaries, and any just celebrating love shoots other than the wedding day.

stay tuned for part two that will be up soon after.






























ok remember, part two coming right up so stay tuned!



“Peiter met Kimberly in the smoothie shop Kimberly works at. He said it was because of the smoothies but he would drop by twice a day sometimes to see her.  They eloped in November with just a few family members and friends around to witness their vows.  We welcomed summer in Oregon by celebrating their marriage by taking photos to commemorate their first year married!”

a super sweet way to celebrate a first year of marriage.  and even better that they had


to capture it all.

you’ll most definitely want to check out more of Nakalan’s work on HER BLOG too.  guaranteed you won’t be disappointed.



there is a huge unsettling feeling behind the scenes here.  there could be some major changes in the coming year for me.  i also have the travel bug and am in the beginning stages of planning a big trip for my dirty thirty with one of my closest friends from high school.  it’s funny how friendships work.  we have always kept in touch but never lived in the same city since we graduated from high school.  and yet, every time we talk via text, skype, or phone call, there are belly laughs galore where we’re often left in tears as a result.  always glad for these friendships and really hoping that this trip does happen.  we’re thinking Ireland, Scotland, and yes, Iceland.  if any of you reading have any recommendations for these places- where to stay, what to see, where to eat- I’ll be incredibly thankful and appreciative.

anyways, onto this week’s confetti throw fridays.  again, i was terrible and couldn’t decide on just five.  so there’s ten.

highly reiterate that you must click on each of the links to see more from that post.  all of them are just bloody brilliant and spectacular.  my picks from each of the wedding photographers’ posts are only just the surface.  y’all really need to see what these talented wedding photographers are so wonderfully capable of.





















this weekend i’ll be trying my hand at being a photography assistant for Chaz Cruz.  i’ve heard i’m going to get a great arm workout.

hope you all have a fantastical weekend!

*throws confetti*



“Seeing each other on campus in high school they had no idea the future that awaited them. Ellie’s beautiful eyes met Spenser’s ridiculous hair but it was another 6 years before the connection was realized. Through friends, destiny and the miracle of online social media Ellie was invited to a basketball game by Spenser under the false pretense of a friendly hang out. He had a feeling she was something special and used any trick he could for just a chance to sit next to her. Through their interactions his artwork and her photography had become a topic of mutual respect. A deal was hatched, Spenser agreed to draw a picture of Ellie in return for a photo lesson. Merely another opportunity to spend time with the girl he was becoming more infatuated with everyday. The drawing was done and delivered and doing so marked the start of their adventure. Since that day they have spent nearly every moment challenging, admiring and inspiring each other. From SF to Portland, coffee to cooking and miles of bike rides together the duo developed a relationship founded in God, grounded in humility and a love abundant in both. One year to that day that first hatched encounter, Spenser presented a book of their adventures so far, recounting the 365 days leading to that moment. With a shaky voice and a bent knee Spenser asked for Ellie’s hand in the future story he promised to make just as memorable.” – Ellie + Spenser 

a special flashback with this “just because” session from


who i got the chance to meet at Photo Field Trip, captured Ellie & Spenser  on the last day there at El Capitan State Beach.

spectacular, i’d say.  head on over HERE to check out more of Megan’s super talented work.  always leaves me in awe.



not your typical confetti throw friday today, but i’m really excited to share something special with you all.  this blog, while showcases the work of many a talented photographer, is also just about love.  so today, i would like to share an anniversary…not just any anniversary, but a 50th wedding anniversary.

huge huge and special thanks to Michaella of


for sending this special session over.

“Lamar & Donna’s love is something special. They both began working at Combustion Engineering, which was a large company at the time. Even though they worked in the same building, they didn’t meet until 1963. He was in the Nuclear Contract Engineering department & she was in Industrial Engineering. A lady in Donna’s department who worked in both her & Lamar’s departments knew both of them & decided they should meet. She introduced them in the summer of 1963. They had one date, and Donna heard nothing until a Christmas card arrived a few days before the holiday. She sent him back a New Years card & that was the real beginning of their story. They still have the Christmas card framed today. He called her for a New Year’s date, but it was snowing so much they had to wait. She later found out the reason he hadn’t called for months was that he had a long time girlfriend at the time. After New Years, they were together every weekend & every lunch since January of 1964. They got engaged in April & married in June of 1964 at Donna’s home & spent their honeymoon at Panama City, FL. They built their first home in 1965 & lived there raising their 3 sons until 1998. They built their retirement home that they now live in in 1998, which is where we took the photos.”

before i head out for the weekend, don’t forget to check out more of Michaella’s work on HER BLOG.  again, super lucky to feature her work and this session.

and so i leave you with some wise words from Donna…

““We stay young by doing what others our age wouldn’t do. We walk a lot, travel, spend time with our six grandchildren, and right now have a BIG landscape job going on which we are doing ourselves. We are so blessed by being so compatible together. In 50 years we have never had any time that we didn’t want to share our time whether traveling, landscaping, reading at the beach, etc. When raising our three sons, we were 100% family. Sports, hiking, camping in the Smoky Mountains, we always made time for family.” – Donna Wilson

have a great weekend!

*throws confetti*