how do i even begin this post?

it’s literally impossible, but i shall try my best.

about six and half years ago, i hit “publish”.  never in a million years did i have any idea where it would take me.  i had no idea what it would teach me about others and myself.  but it goes to show what taking a chance and putting your heart into it can do. i was bored and complacent in my life so needed a creative outlet and took a risk.  by simply clicking  a button, it opened an entire world for me.  i also had no idea that i would make the decision to end it either.

over the past six and a half years, i’ve stared at over a gajillion images of couples in love.  i’ve seen this wedding community go through all sorts of phases.  some people started off as strangers and have now become family.  together with dear friends, i’ve helped to raise over $100,000 for survivors from natural disasters. it’s pretty neat to say that i can go anywhere in this world and connect with someone who has been featured on the blog.  it really is hard to put into words what this blog has given me so it wasn’t an easy decision to retire.

would i change a thing?  nope.  i’m proud to say that i did it my way and strayed away from what was popular.  my pride was with being able to tell beautiful stories and more importantly being able to feature incredibly talented people.  my pride was with the fact that they still wanted to be in the blog despite the fact that i don’t have a million followers.  my pride was with the fact that i kept this blog as a hobby, sponsorship-free and balanced a full time day job, life crisis, social life and family, not brilliantly, but with my best effort.  it’s not easy to juggle all of this at all.  in fact, it’s really hard and a lot of sacrifices had to be made.

this time last year, i had no idea i would make the decision to end it.  but over the span of a few months, it came to my realization that there is a time and place for everything.  this blog came at a time when i needed it and it has been such a labor of love for the past years.  i could tell i was wearing thin.  it was always about the community and connection i got to have with everyone.  i stopped loving every weekend because i had to work on the blog, answer emails, chase people down for their images after their submissions were accepted, and just rush through writing each post because other than their work being gorgeous, i didn’t really know the photographers anymore.  i didn’t feel like i could be genuine or authentic and the blog’s priority had always been to be real and honest.  after all, there’s no escaping what the camera captures.  those raw and pure emotions.

it is every blogger’s dream to become popular.  it’s their goal to get those likes and those followers.  i started to resent it.  while i wanted the followers, it wasn’t for me, i wanted them to follow the talent.  i was getting an overwhelming amount of submissions that  were exactly what the blog stood for.  the story.  the wedding photography.  but guys, let me tell you, you can’t do your best or justice when your heart isn’t in it and anxiety rolls in about not being able to do the community right.  i knew something had to give.  i don’t want to sound repetitive so you can read more about my decision to stop HERE.

i have to mention though, while the blog is bowing out, i’m not disappearing completely from the wedding community.  i don’t think i can completely shut the door on it since it has given me so much joy the past few years.  so while i’ve mentioned Utterly Engaged as a great option for submitting as she shares the same passion of telling heartfelt stories, there are so many others out there to think about.  i truly believe that smaller blogs will value your work just as much as the big popular ones.  i also believe there is a shift with the community and general public in that they are realizing the importance of storytelling.  as i have always believed, photographers are quite possibly the only eyewitnesses to the complete story of a couple.  from their proposal to their engagement to their wedding day to their anniversary to their family sessions, the photographer is there to capture it all.  they capture the pretty, the joy, the love and everything in between.  so i’m incredibly excited about the launch of


a site whose mission is all about the story and showcasing the work of wedding photographers.  i’m honored to be helping behind the scenes and i truly hope you all keep an eye out for this site launching soon.   how it works is that there is a panel of wedding photographers, that will rotate every few months, that will help curate a collection of work that is all about telling the stories visually that inspire and motivate the community.  it’ll be a one stop shop for the wedding photography community to discover new work and first and foremost, come to celebrate the work you all do.  i can’t wait.  i wouldn’t be behind this if i didn’t really value what they’re trying to do and believe that it really is something this community needs.  so do me a favor and follow along.*throws confetti*


i want to use this last post as a celebration of thanks.  if i could, i would list out the entire army of people that has helped make this blog run.  i’m going to try to keep this short and sweet mainly because i’ve cried enough tears and i’ve run out of tissues.  there is no way this blog could have run without you all.   if i hadn’t had anyone to email to ask permission to use images or if you had simply said no, there would be no posts.  i’ve been given the privilege of  featuring the best of the best, the cool kids, the under-the-radar, the complete unknowns, but bottom line is each and every one of you has contributed to making this blog what it is.

while the blog has always focused on wedding photography, there are quite a handful of people that aren’t photographers that have given so much support to this blog and to me.  thanks for sticking by me even though i wasn’t necessarily highlighting your work.  it has to be said that your contribution to this blog has just been as important.  i’m pretty sure others wouldn’t know about me if it hadn’t been for you all.  so thank you.

since i announced i was stopping the blog, i have gotten a chance to say this in person to quite a handful of photographers but i wanted to reiterate it again and to the ones i am unable to.

to you, the wedding photographers: 

i am incredibly grateful and no words will ever amount to how much i’ve loved this opportunity to shout from the mountaintops how important wedding photography is, to feature these visual stories day in and day out.  i’m so honored to have been part of it and to have had the chance to meet so many of you.  thank you for inviting me along to discover your work and to continually be in awe with what you all are capable of.  thank you for entrusting me with your work.  thank you for being there for me through all my losses and my grief.  thank you for reaching out to say i wasn’t alone and for being there for me.  thank you for inviting me into your lives and your homes.  thank you for allowing me to be myself in this digital space.  thank you all for the beautiful friendships online and in real life.  it’s been truly a privilege and my gratitude for you all is endless.

keep chasing and breaking those creative boundaries.  keep your heart and passion above all else.  don’t listen to the noise, only listen to it if you believe you can learn from it.  don’t be a cool kid.  stay under the radar- you’ll find it’s just as amazing.  it’s nice to be featured on a blog, but it’s not the end of the world if they don’t accept your work.  you’ll find that word of mouth gets you much further.  community over competition always.  don’t let comparison take your joy.  view it as motivation.  you are not alone in any of your struggles so seek out others that are in your boat.  lose your ego- your popularity goes away once people see your true colors.  be genuine.  empathize- you never know what the other person is going through.  be thankful.  be thankful you get to have a job that is so important to others.  be thankful you have a job that you love and can flex your creativity. make time for your loved ones.  life is too short.  don’t take anything for granted.  and most important and above all else, always and forever…


(or get the fuck out).



and so i leave with you photos that have meant the most to me.  as much as i have loved blogging the most beautiful photos and emotions ever captured, the heart of this blog was always the wedding community and the people i’ve gotten the chance to meet and become dear friends.  so here are just some moments from the past six and a half years.

what an incredible run.

i shall miss this space bunches.

it’s been a blast.

thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart.

signing off one last time…

with love,


*throws confetti*



at this point, i am not accepting any more submissions.

if you missed the announcement, please take a look HERE.  much appreciated and many thanks for all the support and love.  i am still posting features all the way til the end of the year. so please come visit on the daily. however, the editorial calendar is completely full so no more submissions.  thank you.



before i leave you for the weekend and with confetti throw fridays, i wanted to repost what i had written on social media this week and i hope all of you take it to heart.

as I cull through submissions and pick images for each post, I’ve noticed more and more of the above. I end up having a hard time picking ceremony images because all I see are the backs of phones, tablets, or cameras. it takes away from the emotional importance of what is going on in that moment. so, a PSA to all wedding guests including those of the brides and grooms’ immediate family like parents and grandparents.

PUT DOWN YOUR DAMN PHONES, IPADS, CAMERAS AND WHAT HAVE YOU. this image above is just one of a bajillion that wedding photographers capture when the bride/groom is about to walk down the aisle.

first off, this view is not what the bride/groom wants to walk down the aisle to. brides and grooms invited you all to enjoy and take part in this huge moment they’re about to partake. by having some sort of technology in front of your face, you’re taking away from their moment and distracting from what actually is happening. please truly just enjoy those tiny moments when the bride/groom is walking down the aisle to his/her future husband/wife.

secondly, some of you have been so distracted with getting the shot that you’ve blocked the very view of the bride/groom walking down the aisle FOR THEIR OWN GROOM/BRIDE!

and lastly, brides and grooms hired a professional wedding photographer for moments like these. let them do their job. get out of their way so that brides and grooms everywhere can and will have the images that they can cherish for a lifetime. please.

so please, dearly beloved wedding guests and family of these two loved ones, PLEASE be unplugged during the wedding day. don’t ruin the moments for yourself. but more importantly, don’t ruin the moments for the reason why you’re even there, for the two people that are about to embark on the most important journey of their lives together.

be present. be there for them on this big day.


 and so this week’s confetti throw fridays….you can bet that i included some iceland wedding related in this week’s collection.  i’m still reeling in from my time there…

as a reminder,  confetti throw fridays is where after spending my thursday nights scouring through my blog subscriptions and social media feeds, i pick my favorite images from any of the wedding photographers i am following and showcase them each week in the friday post.  it’s a chance to show off the hard work that wedding photographers have been up to.  in all honesty, i see it as a way for wedding photographers to cheer each other on and give high fives to each for the stellar work.  never see it as a competition or a let down if you’re not on here, always see it as motivation and to throw confetti for your peers in this industry.
















thanks and have a great weekend all!

*throws confetti*



a lot can change in one year.

through sweat and tears, i’ve managed to still keep this blog going, 100% due to all these truly talented wedding photographers and friends who constantly send me features.  i’ve also moved into a new full time day job at a new smaller, much smaller, company.  all my days are spent helping find new talent to work at the company and it consists of a lot of emails, scheduling, logistics, phone calls, meetings, etc.  because it is a smaller company, there is no way to hide- any lack of effort on your part, you will be exposed.  and let me tell you guys, i absolutely am in love with that challenge.  i’ve thrown myself into this job the past few months and maybe got slightly exhausted, but the hunger and drive to do really well keeps me going.  for those who are familiar with my blog and me, you know that i live for that stuff.  for the past six years, i’ve somehow managed to sneak this blog in amongst a full-time day job, working front desk at a workout studio, trying to deal with the needs of family and hoping to keep friendships alive- with only a slight, almost noticeable loss of sanity.   this blog has been purely a labor of love.  i’ve never really believed in sponsorships or ads because i know i could never guarantee inquiries or bookings.  therefore, always felt grimy about the idea of moving towards that direction.  i have adored every minute of this and what i have been able to create and showcase here.  it’s been an honor to feature so much talent.


again, a lot can change in one year.

it’s super hard for me to write this so i hope you all understand this was not an easy decision and respect my thoughts. and so here it is…


there were a multitude of factors that led me to this and i shall try to articulate them as best as i can below.

1.  i have always believed that if you find joy in something, you keep that joy no matter what and make those sacrifices.  it’s what i’ve done for the past six years in order to keep this blog going.  but there was a tipping point for me this year.  when the Nepal earthquakes happened, Utterly Engaged and I tried to do our usual round of fundraising and rallying our community to help others in dire need.  in 2011, when Japan had their deadly earthquake and tsunami, our community came together to raise about $74,000 in two and half weeks from about 1,400 individual donations.  $74,000 in two and half weeks.  this was before Instagram, so we were relying on Twitter and Facebook and word of mouth.  in 2013, when Philippines was rocked with a horrid typhoon, a handful of photographers came together to offer sessions as donations and word of mouth helped us raise about $19,000 in two and half weeks.  this time around for Nepal, we barely reached $7,000.  it was incredibly disheartening for me.  no matter how much we tweeted, posted on FB and Instagram, we seemed to be met with radio silence.  barely anyone shared the post, let alone donated.  first realize, i never EVER expect people to donate.  i understand not everyone is in a financial situation to.  i do appreciate those who donated even just $5.  but it was truly shocking to me to see how hard it was to get people to share our posts AND worst of all when they share a caption on Instagram, people would simply “like” the photo and that was it.  no one paid attention to what was actually being said in the caption.  as frustrating as this was, it made me realize how self absorbed we seemed to have become and i didn’t want to be part of it anymore.  it was disgraceful.  i felt that somewhere along the lines, social media has given everyone the “ok’ to be “all about me”, it has fed egos and made everyone an “expert”. part of the joy of blogging was the fact that i could use this as a platform to do good.  but seeing how this community became harder and harder rally the past two times, i’m sorry…it just sucked out the joy.  which leads me to…

2.  the wedding photographer community.  let me be clear, this blog doesn’t run at all without the wedding photographer community.  i’ve been beyond lucky to grow an audience of solid gold wedding photographers organically.  the support for this blog has been absolutely amazing.  the submissions keep growing and the readership keeps expanding.  every day, i am lucky to discover new talent.  i’m incredibly flattered that so many of you keep spreading the word about this blog.  which is why bowing out from the blog was a hard decision to make. but there was an adverse effect with this growth, at least for me.  it’s two fold.  when i first started this blog, it consisted me of emailing photographers directly to ask their permission to use their images.  this established these beautiful friendships that i cherish so much.  with the growth of the blog and having submissions come in, which i am so grateful for, the double edge sword is that genuine and authentic relationship seems lost.  as much as i appreciate the love and the wanting to be on the blog from so many wedding photographers, i feel guilty that i don’t truly know who these people are behind the lens.  i miss the interaction.  instead of saying “thanks for your submission and files, you’ll be up on this date”, i long for the “hey, let’s google hangout now”.  the other aspect of this adverse effect is that  as a sort of “third party”, i sometimes feel the wedding photographer community doesn’t fully appreciates what they get to do.  there are definitely some that are so happy to capture the best of moments of a couple and you see it through the joy of their work, but there are more than a handful who seem to constantly whine and complain about the smallest things.  the negativity and noise are often so petty, and it doesn’t make me happy to represent the community.  i’m not sure what happened over the past year or so.  i’m sure that because i’m in my little corner of the earth, i’m only exposed to just a tiny population of it.  but still, where’s the heart?  maybe i’m just naive and i say, when you have a job you love, stop complaining so much.  sure, you get your bad days, but focus on what you get to do and why you started it in the first place.  if you still don’t love it, get out…stop dragging everyone else down. which leads me to…

3.  i started to view this blog as a chore.  and that’s not why i have this blog.  this is supposed to be my hobby.  i want to love the things i do and pour my heart into it.  i don’t want to resent this blog.  this blog came into my life at a time when i was bored and wanted to do something fun and different.  i had NO IDEA what path it was about to take me on.  but i am SO incredibly grateful for it.  at my 30th birthday party recently, more than half the people there were wedding photographers or friends i had met through blogging.  i felt so blessed to have these friendships via the blog.  i have thoroughly enjoyed the doors this blog has opened me to.  there’s an entire world out there that the general public isn’t aware of.  but as with any job and hobby, i’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices and my family has probably been hit the hardest.  given that i have a full time day job, when i come home, i’m exhausted.  it’s a struggle to have to answer more emails again when i get home since that’s what i’ve been all day long.  i usually end up doing all my blog work on the weekend- that consists of answering all the emails, downloading all the images for the next week, culling and selecting images, writing up all the posts for the following week and scheduling all of those.  that usually ends up being about 8 hours of weekend day leaving no time to really hang out with family or by myself to just relax.  and this is just the basic responsibilities of being a blogger, let’s not forget about the fact that you have to tweet, instagram, phhhoto, snapchat, facebook, pinterest, and who knows what other thing is next that you have to do to keep on top of the game.  now that i’m 30 and not getting any younger, i want to enjoy myself and savor my time with my family and my quiet time for myself.  i. need. a. break.  selfish move, but hey, i’m fortunate enough to have a day job that i get along with and that i can fall back on.  which leads me to…

4. i could never be a full time blogger.  i’ve realized i’m not a fan of the attention and who are all these strangers?  maybe i’m just getting older..ahaha.  i’ve been at this as a hobby for six years and  i’ve truly valued the genuine and authentic relationships more than anything and above anything else.  i don’t have a lot of followers on my social media feeds, but i notice the more i gain, the more i get anxious about the photographers i featured that day- did they get more click throughs, did they gain more followers, did they get enough likes from the photo i picked on instagram…the thoughts are endless and when i don’t meet expectations, i’m disappointed.  then it’s this domino effect of i’m not doing a good enough job.  no one is listening anymore.  i’ve missed the boat.  all that anxiety is so silly compared to the bigger picture, but it seeped in and that’s when you realize, maybe this blog isn’t your hobby anymore if it’s not making you happy and giving you anxiety.


i hope that this doesn’t make me sound unappreciative and ungrateful for this blog and those that follow it.  because i sincerely do feel honored and flattered that so many of you have sent your work this way to be featured on here.  the amount of squeals of delight when i see certain submissions roll in, the pride i have felt to see photographers grow in their careers, the 2398443982475843998475 images i have looked at of pure, raw, beautiful emotions and love….nothing will ever compare to that.  even to this day, i am still receiving utterly beyond words beautiful work from talent all over the world.  i 100% believe that i’ve had the fortunate experience of featuring THE most talented and world renowned wedding photographers out there.  i also have to say that you have been there for me through the worst of times.  as many of you know, i’ve lost a few dearly loved ones while i’ve had this blog.  the one that blindsided me hit me the hardest and every day i still struggle a little bit.  but there aren’t enough words to describe the outpour of support in the aftermath and still to this day.  thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you for coming here day in and day out to look at the blog.  i wish i could hug every one of you and throw some confetti your way.

what does this mean for the rest of the year?

i’ll be accepting submissions til they fill up the rest of the year.  i’m already at mid- October.  i am still 100% committed to and dedicated to all posts through the end of the year.  half of me feared to make this announcement now as maybe submissions will stop, but at the same time, i wanted to be as fair as possible to you all.  i still semi want to do a “best of 2015″ collection again, but we’ll see if when i do my call out for it, if we get enough interest.  it would be totally awesome to have that as the last thing on the blog.  that project is something i always treasure doing.

so there you have it.

six years of absolute labor of love poured into this thing called a blog.

i’m obviously still around to hang out with people.  duh.  you might see me pop up on a few other things to help wedding photographers out, including attempting to be a photographer’s assistant at weddings here and there.  so i’m still here, just not ON here.  definitely feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

and again,  no amount of words can really truly ever describe the thanks and appreciation i have for all the experiences, friendships, love and support not only for this blog, but for me personally for the past six years.  i hope to continue some of these outside of the blog.  but ultimately understand that this might be the end of the road for others.  thank you for giving me the gift and opportunity to cheer on so much talent and fall in love with wedding photography and storytelling.  it’s been an honor.

i’m leaving you with some of my favorite images that have stood out in my mind and from photographers who have meant the world to me for the past six years.  just a heads up, there’s a LOT of images.  it’s hard to pick from 29743379284756379 plus images that mean so much to me over the past six years so bear with me.






















































these are only 50 images from 50 different wedding photographers that have made an impact on my life.  this is only a small handful.  the best part is all of these have become personal friends and i am incredibly blessed and so proud to know each and every one of them.  please know that every single photographer that has sent images in or have reached out in some form or another has made the blog for the better.  again, thank you so much.

p.s. i’m on vacation for the next two weeks so no posts.  follow where i’ll be on instagram and snapchat (confettiwizard).



before we move on to confetti throw fridays, i wanted to share a tool that you wedding photographers need to have in your life.

how many times have you wracked your brain to try to find new locations to shoot your couples?  yeah, exactly.

Scoutt is an interactive map, designed for you, the professional photographer to find and share photo locations. Whether you are a traveling photographer without the local knowledge, the local photographer that is looking for new places to capture your clients. Do you find yourself driving around aimlessly and google street view won’t do any longer Scoutt is for you.”

 i’m so proud of  my friend, Aron Goss, for creating this life saver tool.  before you head on over HERE to find out more and get the tool.  watch this little video to understand more.  then hurry over cause they’re doing a FREE PROMO when you sign up right now too!  AND EVEN BETTER, I’VE GOT A 20% OFF ON TOP OF THAT FREE MONTH FOR EVERYONE- PLEASE USE EVEROURS20 WHEN YOU CHECK OUT.

i bet this is going to save a TON of time for so many of you wedding photographers out there.


 ok now back to our regularly scheduled programming….

as a reminder,  confetti throw fridays is where after spending my thursday nights scouring through my blog subscriptions and social media feeds, i picked my favorite images from any of the wedding photographers i am following and showcased them each week in the friday post.  it’s a chance to show off the hard work that wedding photographers have been up to.  in all honesty, i see it as a way for wedding photographers to cheer each other on and give high fives to each for the stellar work.  never see it as a competition or a let down if you’re not on here, always see it as motivation and to throw confetti for your peers in this industry.

and so here we go.  remember to click through every link to see more from each of the photographers!













it’s my mum’s 60th birthday today, so this weekend, we’re off to celebrate!  have a few things lined up for her that I’m excited about.

hope you have a great weekend!

*throws confetti*



do you ever find stuck or stumped in a life situation? do you ever find that you end up talking yourself in circles about the situation and for the life of you, being unable to figure out what to do next?  you just wish that there was just someone you could chat with that really understood what you’re going through or has been through the situation- whether it be business related or some personal struggle.  or maybe it’s this giggle that you just need to share.  or the fact that you think you’ve figured out how to be most successful in cutting confetti and know the best bits of paper for the most ideal floating confetti.

that has been me.  fact- i live a double life.  during the day, i am part of the recruiting team for a entertainment tech/digital media company.  i work from as soon as i wake up through 10 pm at times.  that world is quite a bit different from this blogging and photography world.  there are times during the day when i see something going on in the wedding photography world that i look up from my computer and want to vent to my coworkers, but i know they will have no flipping idea what the heck i am talking about and no idea how to help me.  so that’s when this community comes in to play.  almost immediately, i will message a close wedding photographer friend or any one in this blogging world i am close with.  they talk me through the issue and help come up with solutions.  i have relied many a time on that advice to help make this blog better.  so i truly believe in the essence of a community and therefore am excited and totally 100% support for this retreat.

Kym Ventola, the one behind this, is a dear sweet friend of mine.   in her little ways, she’s been there for me…whether through social media or physically in person at the rare times we end up being in the same city.  i treasure this lady’s friendship with me and she’s truly an inspiring woman.  what i like about Kym is that she is whole heartedly willing to admit she doesn’t have it figured out.  she’s had her struggles as well, but wants to help others through similar situations and be able to learn and grow from others as well.  i am thrilled she is doing this and the ladies she has partnered with for this include quite a few more ladies that i am uber proud to call friends and have admired for their strength.

what do i love about NINE?

NINE is a retreat for women.
NINE is education and relaxation.
NINE is a safe place for us to support each other.
NINE is a place to be honest and humble and to find the answers we desperately want, but don’t know where to find them.

what else is NINE going to offer:

  • growing your business, while creating more time for yourself, your family and your friends
  • taking control of your finances; learn to save & spend wisely
  • discovering and defining your passions and responsibilities
  • overcoming fears & guilt
  • talking about anxiety and depression
  • getting inspiration and support from our humble, kind, loving and insightful speakers
  • vulnerability
  • community: meet and connect with incredible women
  • creating habits in your daily routine for success
  • photography: we have many photographers attending and will answer any questions you have
  • “dressing your truth”: does your style reflect who you are deep inside?
  • learning simple, healthy makeup tips for a busy schedule
  • learning quick & easy workout routines
  • healthy eating: juice and smoothie lessons to improve your health
  • yoga on the rooftop each morning
  • sharing dinner on the beach with new and old friends, at sunset
  • laughing….a lot.
  • some extra surprises along the way too!


if this sounds like something you’re interested in, NINE retreat is

September 21-24 | Venice Beach, California

and i have a special promo code to use for THIS WEEK ONLY.  enter everours9 at checkout.

and obviously head on over to NINE Retreat for the full list of speakers and for more information.

never ever underestimate the power of just spending time with other women in this community and developing that genuine friendship.  those bonds are truly some of the ones i cherish the most.  as cheesy as that sounds….i will yell it from the mountaintops.  that’s how strongly i believe in the simple power of gathering a group of women and each discovering their strengths and realizing they aren’t alone in anything in life.  and let’s be honest, hanging out in the beach house should be the cherry on top.

so again, head on over HERE to learn more and register.  and don’t forget the special promo code!



i’m usually the positive one. the one that is like “go team!”.  the one that cheers everyone on and rallies.  i absolutely love being able to support what wedding photographers do because i do love their work and their ability to capture the most beautiful and touching moments of one of the most important days of people’s lives.

but i also like being the transparent one.  i like to be real. and that might make me sound needy and insincere if i do it too much, because trust me, there are definitely some people are do talk so much what they’ve been through on social media, i cringe too as it just comes off as preachy and self centered.

but here i am today with a plea for help.

many of you are sitting right now reading this from your phone, laptop, tablet or what have you in your studio, office, restaurant, coffee shop or bed.  with a coffee in hand, eating your kale salad, or grilling your steak or what have you.   and because this blog caters to wedding photographers, i am going to call you out specifically.  some of you are getting inquiries and bookings maybe this minute, or this week or the next month that i bet you are in the ranges of $1,000 to $9,000.  i have posted this plea in every one of my social media feeds and Lucia and I have strive really hard to think of who else to reach out to.  and while i am happy that many of you are sharing these posts about what we’re doing.  the donation amount has remained pretty stagnant.  and i get it.  i totally and utterly get it.  i am not rich by any means and i like having money to be able to support my lifestyle.  in fact, sometimes i am a downright worry wart and hide in my apartment refusing to hang out with people because it means spending money which i am terrified i might not have next week if i lose my job.  no one can guarantee job security whether you’re in corporate America or self-employed.  so trust me when i say, i know.  but for pete’s sake, give up that cup of coffee or that kale salad and just donate $5 or $10.

it makes a difference.

i saw it happen when we did For Japan With Love.  that $72,000 plus didn’t come from people donating chunks of money like $50 or $100 or thousands.  it came from over 1,400 individuals that were donating $5, $10, or $25.  yeup, that’s right.  all of us coming together in small ways to help for a larger cause.  people in need and oh how they needed our help and support.  we are in a position to give it to them, so please just reexamine your priorities for the next two weeks and help us raise funds to help Nepal.

the media here isn’t really covering it because apparently riots, violence, celebrities and their lifestyles are far more important issues to cover.  a natural disaster in a third world country apparently is not as of a concern.  but here’s how i see it,  not all of us were Haitian or Japanese or Filipino when those major disastrous natural disasters happened.  the bottom line is we are humans.  we are all human beings.  and as human beings, we have the undeniable power to be compassionate, to be in a position to help one another, to have empathy. 


the death toll has now surpassed 4,800.  over 9,200 are injured.  over EIGHT MILLION people have been affected.

it wasn’t just an earthquake.  it wasn’t just a 7.8 earthquake.  it was also an avalanche that took lives and injured and stranded others.  many of whom are still missing.  it was also an earthquake that caused a 6.7 aftershock.  it was also an earthquake that caused landslides that resulted in 200 more people missing. 

so please, instead of spending 5 minutes scrolling through your instagram or facebook or what have you. please take a moment to put yourself in their shoes and what would you hope someone would do for you?  then do it.  donating takes less than five minutes.  and that $5 or $25 or $100, no matter what the amount, i promise you’re going to help a life.  and i guarantee that it’s a feeling that will make you feel 100% full.   please head over HERE to donate and please help spread the word and keep Nepal and surrounding areas in your prayers and thoughts.

click image below to go directly to donate.

if you are a photographer that wants to help in other ways, please email me.  i would be ever so grateful.

for more information too, please head to FOR NEPAL WITH LOVE.

thank you for listening.

take care.