so glad to be ending this holiday week with this gorgeous elopement from


their work is absolutely stunning and i am always in awe and in love with the emotions they capture.

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thrilled that three out of the four regular features this week were elopements.  i would absolutely love more of them on the blog and definitely have quite a few lined up in the coming weeks too.  truly just love how the focus is just on the couple and how each photographer captures the essence and the love of that day.  thank you so much to all of those who have been sending elopements in.  seriously.  makes my day.

let’s get on right to this week’s confetti throw fridays!

as a reminder,  confetti throw fridays is where after spending my thursday nights scouring through my blog subscriptions and social media feeds, i pick my favorite images from any of the wedding photographers i am following and showcase them each week in the friday post.  it’s a chance to show off the hard work that wedding photographers have been up to.  in all honesty, i see it as a way for wedding photographers to cheer each other on and give high fives to each for the stellar work.  never see it as a competition or a let down if you’re not on here, always see it as motivation and to throw confetti for your peers in this industry.












it’s my dad’s birthday weekend so i’ll be hanging with the old man.  it’ll be good to get some good family time in especially around the holiday season.

hope you all have a great weekend!

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without realizing it, but totally loving it, this is the third elopement this week.

this Belize elopement was sent over by


i’ve become a huge fan of his work.  truly a talented wedding photography which you can see for yourself on HIS BLOG.



L+K: a SF city hall wedding from Sarah Gerber on Vimeo.

“Our story begins like so many modern day couples… on E-Harmony. Just moving to California, Kurtis thought it would be nice to meet some people. I thinking it would be a fun adventure to throw together a profile while hanging out with a friend. Soon we were on a date and falling for each other fast. Being overly spontaneous, we literally booked a flight to San Francisco to see a concert on our first date.

Falling in love was easy and quick, so it was no surprise we were engaged just 7 months after meeting. The excitement of planning the big wedding was great, but soon we realized each venue or plan was not a good fit for us. The stress of it took its toll on me and on a plane ride home one day I randomly searched just one word: Elopement. Up pops the most amazing blog of a lovely couple in San Francisco City Hall. The City we fell in love in. Kurtis, being a man, was immediately 110% on board with eloping! Not soon after that I was selling my mermaid wedding dress and on the hunt for a short, City Hall appropriate dress.

Our vision for the day was carefree and easy. We wanted the ceremony to be private and special, shared only with the best man and maid of honor. Also anyone who lived in San Francisco could meet us for dinner after the ceremony. Communicating only through the web or phone, we planned the entire event. Even though we were eloping, I wanted to include a few of the regular wedding traditions. From the something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue to the first look. The day was a complete whirlwind and I am so thankful we had our photographer along every step of the way. Her amazing photos remind us of the small moments we shared all day long.

The night ended perfectly with an intimate dinner at the Wayfare Tavern with some of our closest friends. The next day we were off to Costa Rica for two glorious weeks in paradise!”

massive thanks to


for sending this gorgeous San Francisco City Hall elopement over.

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other wedding vendors involved included:

Hair: Lindsay Davis – Lavish Hair & Make-Up StudioFlowers: Urban BotanicaVenue: San Francisco City HallHotel: The Fairmont San FranciscoReception Venue: Wayfare Tavern





“As artistic individuals themselves, it’s no surprise that Melissa & Jerome both have a strong admiration and affinity for film and hold art to a very high regard. Melissa, a photographer, and Jerome, a videographer and director, could be the epitome of modern day young love – as they planned their wedding with the small budget they had and instead chose to place significance on photography, polaroid film, and truly being unique and different. In fact in true DIY fashion, Melissa and her bridesmaids stayed up till almost 3:00am the night before the wedding creating their own bouquets and floral crowns.

There were no brand name heels or dresses – no jewelry gifts the morning of, and definitely no fancy venue. It really was the celebration of love down to its core with no distractions. Melissa and Jerome fully embraced the idea of being different yet simple, even having the wedding date on the traditionally bad luck Friday the 13th was all apart of the plan. As the girls got ready in the morning, the bride herself with the help of her bridesmaids were the ones who did their own hair & make-up. Afterwards, they held their ceremony at their local church with their closest family and friends in attendance – and everyone was awestruck as Melissa in her full beauty and elegance walked down the aisle accompanied by her father to “Angels” by The XX.

The portrait session was held at a park just down the street from the church and the couple veered away from the typical bridal portraits and decided to create images more unique to them – and also took some insanely cool Polaroid’s throughout the way. As the day winded down the reception was held at the Mill Street Brewery, a local pub in the distillery/historic district in Toronto, which was certainly by no means full of glitz and glamour however what filled the room was genuine joy, laughter, tears from laughter, and some incredibly honest and true moments.”

beyond stoked to bring the ever amazing work of


to the blog with this gem of a wedding.

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HUGE thanks to


for sending this elopment over.  THRILLED to be able to share Tyler’s work.

Stephanie and Kyle are from Saint Louis, MO but they flew to Seattle to get married.  The officiant, Frank R. Harlan, brought two witnesses (I did not have the pleasure to be a witness).  That was the wedding party, 4 strangers and the couple.  They were looking for a way to get married without the overhead of planning a full family and friends wedding, they chose Seattle because Kyle had lived here and Stephanie had recently visited.  They visited Seattle together one month after they started dating and so the city played a foundation role in their early relationship.  here’s a bit more info about the couple from the bride:

How did Kyle propose to you? 

Kyle proposed to me at our first doctor’s appointment after finding out we were pregnant, setting it up ahead of time with the nursing staff. We had an ultrasound and found out we were 6 and a half weeks pregnant and then checked in with the doctor. He told us to stop by the nursing station on the way out to get a care package including pregnancy Dos and Don’ts and fun freebies. The gift bag was sitting on the counter and the nurse asked me to pull out a piece of paper so we could go over it together and when I lifted the handle of the bag the ring box was sitting inside, open. I spun around and Kyle was behind me already on one knee. I was laughing and crying, he was crying, and in the moment he forgot to even ask me to marry him! Obviously I figured that’s what he was asking though! Oh, and a nurse caught the whole thing on video! 

How did the day turn out differently than you imagined?
It was definitely colder than I envisioned, though we knew that was at least a possibility in Seattle. Otherwise, it turned out better than I imagined. I feared I would miss the presence of family or friends, or that it could be awkward having a ceremony with no traditional reception to follow. Instead it was perfect. It was personalized, intimate, and we were able to completely focus on each other.
What advice would you give to other couples flying to another city to elope?
Keep it simple, make sure your number one priority is enjoying yourselves, and if you are in or around Seattle call Tyler Ray to take your photos! He did a fabulous job and captured us perfectly!
check out more from Tyler on HIS SITE.  go now…you will want to see more.