just a little something different today and wanted to share a film by


from a Scandinavian wedding she videographed.

“It was the hottest day of summer, the sun was shining and the atmosphere was filled with happiness and love. A big day that I’ll never forget, and that I dream about all the time. If I could make just one wish, I would wish to get to experience the wedding day all over again. Exactly how it was. It was the most wonderful day of my life and I’m so thankful for all the people that made it so. When we were planning the day, we wanted it to feel personal and to be our style. We did pretty much everything by ourselves, except for the clothes and cakes. The theme of the day was our love, with a touch of countryside and nature. I wanted my bouquet to look a bit wild, so we did a mixture of different flowers and leafs in soft green and peach colors. On the tables, we matched the bouquet with cut flowers in different glass bottles.

I fell in love with my dress, but didn’t buy it at first sight. I thought I would give the dress searching some more time, but the dress kept showing up in my mind. It was the one. So I went back to the store, and it was gone. Of course. Like a bad joke. I started to search for the same style with no results. I went everywhere on the internet and after months I finally found it again. A bride who was selling her dress in a town 2,5 hours from me, one size smaller than me, but I did buy it. We did some sewing, and I did some running, and the week before the wedding the dress was perfect! The shoes were also a last minute thing. I wanted feminine clogs and found them at Swedish Hasbeens, in an old pink color. I was in love!

We had decided that Joel should wear a tuxedo, but when he tried it on, we just laughed. It did not fit him at all. So by accident we saw this black suit in the boutique and it looked like it was made for him. And I’m glad he changed his mind about the bow tie. So handsome!

The ceremony in church was a big part of the day. It started with a song played by violin and organ when the bridal party was walking down the aisle, and then we walked in together with our pastor (that was Joel’s aunt, which made the ceremony very personal). We had two songs played in church, both performed by our friends. One was a classic love and the other one was “I’ll be there for you” by The Rembrandts, played with acoustic guitar. We’re huge fans of FRIENDS, so the choice of that song was not a big surprise.

The evening started with a toast outside so we could enjoy the sunny weather, and then we headed in to the venue to see how wonderfully our families had made the decorations. We were not allowed to see anything before the wedding day, so this was a big surprise. But the surprises were not ending there, the whole night our guests did performances up on the stage, like dancing, singing, talking, acting, and they also organized some funny games for us. It was super fun and we laughed so hard the whole evening! It was just wonderful and we felt so loved by our guests that had taken all this time and courage to do this for us! It’s truly hard to pick a favourite moment…”

and again, don’t forget to head over HERE for more of Maira’s work.

 other wedding vendors involved included:

Wedding Photographer: Tonhya Kae Photography (Tonhya travelled from USA to document Elsa and Joel’s wedding!) // Bride’s Dress: Sincerity Bridal // Bride’s Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens // Bride’s Earrings: Ti Sento // Groom’s Attire: Cavaliere // Hair Stylist: Ida Brännström // Make Up Artist: Märta Andersson // Flowers and Bride’s Bouquet: Nya Marias Blommor // Wedding Rings: Elsa’s ring was a heirloom from her grandmother, who wanted all her rings to be worn by her granddaughters when they got married. // Ceremony: Stora Skedvi Kyrka (church built in the 13th century) // Reception: held at the church’s parish // Catering: All the food was cooked with love by the couple’s families. // Wedding Cake: Åselby Konditori



beyond thrilled to share this wedding video all the way from South Africa!

 yes, every once in a while i get to feature wedding videography and always fall in love again with how film is able to capture every emotion as it happens.

huge thanks to


for sending this one over to share.

head on over to THEIR SITE for more of their work!

Warren + Donna // in the city from Orpen Film Co. on Vimeo.



it’s a confetti throw friday video time.

what better way to start the weekend with a proposal that leaves you all smiles.

Tim & Robyn’s Proposal from Watertown Films on Vimeo.

massive amount of thanks to


for sending this one over to share.

i met Craig and Nicole, gosh, almost three years ago now probably via a work shop by good friends at Shade Tree Films, and I’ve quietly been following their story.  truly in awe of the strength of this couple and i am so very thankful to be able to share their talent and their beautiful work.

you’ll want to check out more videos over HERE.



i am off gallivanting in Seattle this weekend and excited to spend time with some of my dearest friends who also happen to be wedding photographers, many of whom i have been so lucky to feature on here.

so since i didn’t get the chance to scour and get lost in my wedding photographer blog subscriptions, i shall share with you a same day edit wedding video instead.

ALEX RAPADA is himself a stellar wedding photographer and he recently got hitched to his love of the life and sent over his wedding video to share.  truly honored and flattered to share this with you all…so enjoy!


Ivy and Alex: Same Day Edit from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

that ring shot though, right?

JASON MAGBANUA‘S work is truly out of this world and spectacular.  i love that with Alex and Ivy’s wedding he focused on just the two of them and all the giddy happiness that was everywhere between the two of them that day.  head on over HERE to see more of his absolutely stunning work.



sharing something a little bit different instead of the typical confetti throw friday posts. but it’s still about blasting some awesome work by wedding photographers/cinematographers.

it’s been awhile since i’ve featured a wedding video.  been waiting to share a good one.  this blog has always supported what is captured that day whether it’s still imagery or moving imagery.  i have always valued the importance of the wedding day being captured.

so it brings me great joy to share this wedding with you captured by


i am completely and utterly humbled and flattered that David asked me to feature this.  i got the chance to meet David at Photo Field Trip and i’m pretty sure he bared witness to my confetti throwing craziness so i’m surprised he was still willing to send this one to me.  well, i’ll just shut up now so you can watch and just lose yourself in the magnificence of this video.  i just don’t know how else to describe it.

 that smile after he reads her note

the hug the ringbearer gives her

the loved ones cheering them on

the clouds moving

the sun setting

the first dance

the kiss he gives his mother

the bonfire sparks

the hashtagwynning

the fireworks

the look she gives him

without cameras, whether for photography or cinematography, none of this would have been captured forever.  and in the most, THE MOST, beautiful way possible.

thank you thank you thank you to DAVID MATTHEW FISER for sharing this one.

head on over HERE for more of David’s work.  talent is just oozing out of him so go see, please.


while David was there to capture this for cinematography, there were two others at this gorgeous wedding that captured this wedding absolutely flawlessly.  check out these two posts from CHRISTIAN GIDEON and EP LOVE.  two faves of mine.  the way each has captured this special day…you really really really MUST go check out their posts. these three fellas= triple confetti threat

my goodness, this wedding.  nate and sarah- huge congrats and *throws confetti*


have a great weekend all and happy july 4th!

*throws red, white and blue confetti*



“Jenny + Tomas both grew up in Sweden, but met 11 years ago in Thailand, when both of their families happened to be vacationing at the same time and in the same place. Their wedding day at a castle in Skane, Sweden was a day of celebration with close friends and family. Surrounded by peacocks, horses with rivers running through it, the Swedish countryside couldn’t have been more magical. “

so excited to have Jayden and Caroline of


sharing a wedding on the blog.

you must check out more from them on their blog.

also check out their wedding video by ROBERT INGRAHAM below:

other wedding vendors included:

event design: Fest & Bröllopsagenturen

bride’s dress: Bella Paris from Bröllopsbutiken

bride’s shoes: Bianco Footwear

bride’s jewelry/wedding rings:  Ringströms Guld & Ur

bridesmaid gowns: Cinderella Brud & Festbutiken

hair/makeup: Eva Andersen at Ivan Selemba

flowers: Malin Eriksson at Blomsterdesign Hven

paper goods: Aurum Bröllopskoordinator

venues: Igelösa kyrka (church)/ Örtofta Slott (castle)

officiants: Klas Olsson and Beata Sandell from the Swedish Church

caterers: Flädie Mat & Vingård

cake:  Ultimate Cake

transport: Stenshill Stables



You Have to Play the Game from Watertown Films on Vimeo.

so excited to bring you a film by Watertown Films.  many thanks to Craig and Nicole, the talented duo, behind Watertown for sharing this video with us. to see more from this wedding, head on over here and to learn more about Watertown Films, please head on over to their site.