so if you hadn’t read this post, i mentioned that i decided to take voice lessons.  i used to be in choir in elementary/middle school.  even tried out for the international company of Les Misérables for the role of young Cosette/Eponine back in the day.  so far the lessons have been more than therapeutic for me.  so fun to pick singing up again and strengthen my vocal cords so i can attempt to sing like the powerhouses, Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand (two of my faves ever).  one interesting trivia fact i’ve learned through lessons is that Judy Garland never sang an octave above middle C!

anyways, i’m driving up to the bay area today to celebrate Chinese New Year with the whole family.  so you can be rest assured that I’m belting out these tunes in the car.  i’m going to be that little girl with the big voice one day.  (hah, who am i kidding?!)

enjoy and have a great weekend!



    Lena says:

    Such a wonderful collection–and I love that you’ve picked up voice lessons! I’m sure my teacher is horrified I haven’t been in to see her in AGES–oops?