well i’ve finally succumbed to being sick.  all this traveling and running around eating at every place possible and hanging out with friends as much as i could has finally caught up with me.  plus, practicing singing every day at the top of my lungs with the funniest and most awkward voice exercises.  thank goodness this is LA so my neighbors aren’t surprised that maybe a struggling singer lives next to them.  and by struggling, i mean not so great with her voice.

despite the sickness, my long weekend was great.  hung out with Anne, met Emily, hiked with a co-worker, hung out with a friend at the beach, had an Amazing Race viewing party cause my friend is on it (!!!) and met up with Chandra. p.s. did you know she’s my neighbor?  so awesome having her near by.  also sidenote, walking along the beach is super therapeutic, i’m so glad i live near the ocean.  i’m a cancer so i guess i am always drawn to the water.

Chandra also kindly lent me her screener of Silver Linings Playbook.  have you all seen it?  if not, you must!

two of the songs have been on my playlist this week.  love Dave Brubeck Quartet’s Unsquare Dance and i’m obsessed with Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash’s Girl from North Country.  the other three are random and of course, i like the lyrics.  so enjoy.

 hope you all have a great weekend!  oooh and enjoy the Oscars!!