…i love you.

some trips are just so good for the soul.

even if it means you bring with you a cold front with some major windchills.  about a month ago, i took a trip to nyc to have a change of scenery, hang out with good friends and meet up with wedding photographer friends.  well actually,let’s be real, i just wanted to eat my way through another city.  the entire week revolved around eating at some amazing places and my taste buds had a party all week and my tummy developed a food baby.  all worth it though.  my favorites included: the doughnut plant, russ & daughters, pies n thighs, shake shack, tea and sympathy, willow road, french roast cafe, balthazar, bella blu (for their tiramisu), pj clarke’s , the belfry, rosemary’s.  my mouth is watering just thinking about all these places again.

 also got the chance to meet up with some dear college friends.  thankful for my dear friend that put up with me an entire week which included my delusional outbursts of cries and complaints about the cold weather.  met up with blogger friends- Alison from The Knotty Bride (and her Bambino!!) and Shoko from Sho and Tell.  no trip is any trip without meeting photographer friends face to face too and this time around it included Brian Furbush, Katie Osgood, Chaz Cruz and Casey Fatchett.

my heart was made full.

anyways, rather than bore you with words.  here are glimpses of what happened that week.  check out my instagram for more.

and this last one is my most favorite from this trip.  what do you think?

i’ll be back again, new york.  most likely when your wind chills don’t make it feel like 2 degrees.


    ssong says:

    Russ and Daughters. That is all.

    Whooo! So great to meet you in person, come back when it’s not freezing!

    Lena says:

    What a perfect trip–I miss that Big Apple!

    Shoko says:

    loved seeing you, lydia!! come back soon!

    Fabulous last photo! And all the rest capture the uniqueness of the city…on both the public and personal level.