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“We shot the session in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, which is a small town just off Route 66. Downtown Sapulpa is filled with all of these original, vintage details (like the Coca Cola mural, Route 66 sign, etc.), and the gorgeous Sahoma Lake is nearby, where we photographed the second outfit. I simply loved how their looks pieced together so well with the surroundings, and it felt like a great transition from the summer to fall season. Aside from the aesthetics of it all appealing to the photographer side of me, ha, this couple was so sweet and enjoyable to work with. They were a bit nervous at first, laughed their way through it, and we had a great time together capturing these images.”

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 just a reminder that i’m going to take this blog on a slightly different direction this year.  still featuring the most beautiful wedding photography there is out there, but hoping to gear it to wedding photographers.  so it won’t be just a place for you to be wow’d by their work, but to learn the “why” behind their work, to get to know photographers that are the game changers or ones that in their tiny little corner of the earth are just getting it done.  ii have always, ALWAYS, prided myself on the wedding photographers that i have the fortunate experience of knowing and featuring and for the past five years, i have surrounded myself with a beautifully talented community of wedding photographers.  so i’m just going to build on that this year.  and one of the first things is to highlight a photographer every month.  my aim is to start with once a month, but obviously if i have the time, i’ll obviously be featuring more and it’s all dependent too on the photographers who have the time to answer.  it’ll be up on Sundays and it’ll just be a chance for photographers to kick back after shooting a wedding, grab a coffee, and have a lazy Sunday read.

so welcome to Ever Ours After Hours with


i think i’ve only known Heather for almost two years.  but you know those people where you just connect because you share the same values or have the same sense of quirky humor.  or rather, the bottom line is, you admire her admiration for Bill Murray and just a tad jealous of the Bill Murray art piece she has in her living room.  i love Heather’s heart and how much of it goes into her work and her no nonsense attitude.  meet Heather for yourself and you’ll agree.

How did you get your start in wedding photography?

Completely and totally by accident. It’s not a stretch to say my first wedding fell into my lap, as the old adage goes.  At 18, I bought myself my first SLR, and shortly thereafter I had it with me as I was walking around a local festival in the town where I live.  Suddenly, a friend of a friend’s dad we had run into saw me with my camera and asked me if I wanted to shoot his daughter’s wedding in 2 weeks for $200. I was 18, that was the most money I had ever heard of, and before I could think I was saying yes.

What is unique about your style of shooting?

Psychology was my intended career path before photography butted in, and that education and drive to understand the behaviors and motivations of other’s is a huge motivator for me. Simply put, if a wedding wasn’t an environment in which I was captivated by the human behavior and emotion I was witnessing, I wouldn’t be doing what I do.  Luckily for myself (and my clients), weddings are a treasure trove of emotion and interesting behaviors to observe and anticipate.

As a lover of human behavior, If I’ve done my job correctly, the resulting photograph is going to say way more about the people in it than it will ever say about me or what makes my style unique. For me, what matters is taking images that tell the truth about the subjects in them, my style is about giving the couple the space to show me who they are.  And symmetry.  Symmetry makes the happy neurons in my visual cortex light up.

Include one of your images that is your most recent favorite and explain why you love it.

Hopefully it’s okay that this one isn’t a wedding image, but in order for me to really love a photograph, it helps if I really love the person in it.  This is a humble iphone photo I took of my nephew Grayson this summer at my in-law’s cabin.  He’s about to jump in the water for one last swim.  He’s wearing his angry bird undies because his swim trunks were wet from earlier in the day and he doesn’t like putting wet swim trunks back on. This summer was the first summer he really showed an interest in swimming, and this picture perfectly encapsulates the time my husband and I spent in the water with him this summer.  To me, the photograph just says a lot about the kind of kid he’s becoming (a totally radical badass who jumps in, albeit, he jumps in feet first) and has the magical element that all photographs I truly love have. It makes me laugh.

What do you struggle with the most? Business wise or shooting wise.

Doing the not fun stuff.  If it’s an element of business that involves spreadsheets or legalese, I hate it.  I probably leave a lot of money on the table at tax time just from being inefficient when it comes to keeping track of deductions.  I love that I’ve built a successful business that’s been profitable.  That’s a major source of satisfaction for me, but all the boring stuff I had to do to get to this point isn’t so loveable.  Next time you come across a self-employed person with a glazed over look in their eyes, give them a hug.  They’ve likely just spent the first half of their day elbow deep in Microsoft Excel.

Where do you see wedding photography heading next? Where would like to see it go?

I don’t know and I don’t care.  I don’t consume a lot of wedding photography.  I keep my eyes down and focused on my own paper for the most part.  From what I have seen though, the bar gets raised, and bent, and broken, and welded back together, and raised back up again so often that making predictions and hoping for anything is pointless, because the surprise of where it will go is probably going to be way more amazing than your expectations. 

If you could send one message to the wedding photography world, what would it be? (Basically, your life motto)

Wear your own damn metaphorical shoes; don’t spend your life trying to fit into someone else’s.  They’ll probably just end up cutting off circulation to your toes and giving you a blister on the back of your heel any way.  Or maybe the shoes will be too big and you’ll end up tripping and falling on your face and breaking your nose.  There’s a chance I may have taken  this shoe metaphor too far.

What drives you as a person and as a wedding photographer?

Understanding behaviors as a photographer.  As a person, knowing there are people around me who care if I wake up the next morning: from my husband, to my family, my amazing friends (many of whom I wouldn’t know if it weren’t for wedding photography), all the way down to my two dogs and my grumpy pet rabbit.

What makes you confetti throw at the end of the day?

If it’s a day where I’ve made another human being laugh, hard, then it’s been a good day. Drinking a cold diet coke in a warm bath isn’t too bad either.

Heather Jowett is based in Michigan, but travels worldwide and photographs emotions perfectly.  see for yourself on HER SITE.




beyond thrilled to share this wedding video all the way from South Africa!

 yes, every once in a while i get to feature wedding videography and always fall in love again with how film is able to capture every emotion as it happens.

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Warren + Donna // in the city from Orpen Film Co. on Vimeo.



“Brian and Michelle work in the publishing industry and as such, each word spoken during their wedding day and especially their ceremony, was exceptionally well thought out and said with love.

When they got engaged, Michelle was explicit in her desire not to have an engagement ring and so in lieu of that, Brian gifted her something that rings: a beautiful, old fashioned, large, metal bell. Their officiant, a close friend, rang the bell both at the beginning of the ceremony and during their kiss. So meaningful.

During the ceremony they had two friends read aloud one of their early conversations, which took place via messaging platform. It’s something I’ve never seen done before and it was the loveliest and also exceptionally hilarious in parts. Such a fun touch. They also passed their wedding bands around and had each one of their guests – family and close friends – say a small prayer or good wish to bless the rings.

While we had been battling a very intense rain storm all week, on the morning of their wedding, the sky broke and during the ceremony we had incredible sunshine and golden light that made it one of the most magical afternoons. I remember very clearly the petrichor of the day, made especially lovely by the fact that we were celebrating their love in a beautiful California redwood grove.”

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on the blog today with this gorgeous redwoods wedding.

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other wedding vendors involved included:

venue: Stern Grove in San Francisco, California / flowersDIY by the Bride (!!) / Archway where they got marriedDIY by the Groom’s Brother-in-Law / catering: Absolute Celebrations Catering / DJDJ Celeste Lear



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other wedding vendors involved included:

venue: Cree Estate / event planner:  Celebrations of Joy | hair and makeup: Jen Plus Color  | rentals: Signature Party Rentals | videography: Theater 10 Wedding Films




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