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love the sweet moment between the bride and her father, but in general how relaxed it looked like the day was.  and i mean, nothing quite beats having that sand between your toes feeling.

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other wedding vendors involved included:

Makeup & hairstylists: Michelle from Elegant Bride / Venue: Postcard Inn St Pete Beach / Food, Catering: Postcard Inn / Cake: Publix / Music: Jason Martinez / Ceremony: Rev Michael DeArruda / Dress: Solutions Bridal / Bouquet and wedding arch: Seaside Floral




love what a family affair this wedding was.

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on the blog with this South Lake Tahoe engagement session.

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“Cherry and Matt’s wedding was beautiful in its simplicity. It had everything they needed — nothing more, nothing less. Above all else, they wanted their family present and plenty of beautiful portraits so that’s what we focused on. The original plan for the wedding day was a small ceremony in the rose garden behind the Des Moines Art Center, but the weather just wasn’t going to let that happen. We actually had the ceremony in a conference room in their apartment complex and all things considered, it worked out very well. As the couple said their vows, the family huddled close before joining them at the front and tying their hands with strands of ribbon, symbolizing their union.”

simplicity at its best. and what a wedding is truly about.

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#everoursafterhours serves as a learn the “why” behind their work, to get to know photographers and videographers that are the game changers or ones that in their tiny little corner of the earth are just getting it done.  i have always, ALWAYS, prided myself on the that community that i have the fortunate experience of knowing and featuring.  for the past five years, i have surrounded myself with such a beautifully talented community of wedding photographers and videographers.  so i’m just going to build on that this year and give them the spotlight they deserve.  i’ll be highlighting photographers almost every week.  but obviously if i have the time, i’ll be featuring more but it’s all dependent on the photographers who have the time to answer too.  it’ll be up on Sundays and it’ll just be a chance for photographers to kick back after shooting a wedding, grab a coffee, and have a lazy Sunday read.

this sunday’s ever ours after hours is highlighting


unintentionally, just so happens that feature on Athena coincides with her birthday.  so happiest of birthdays to my dearest friend, Athena!  *throws confetti*

i’m not quite sure where to begin with this one.  her talent doesn’t just include photography which is already mind boggling as it is.  but her design work and penmanship is just beyond.  this one never stops going with kicking ass and taking names.  i have a “throw confetti or get the f**k out” print by her and it’s one of my favorites. she has been an incredible friend from afar- supporting this blog endlessly but more importantly, being such a support system whenever i need it.  i don’t think she realizes what an impact she makes on my world and many many others.  truly honored to call this talent a friend.

How did you get your start in wedding photography?

This is probably the part where most people talk about having a camera in their hands since they were babies, toddling around and perfecting their composition skills. I wasn’t one of those kids. I have always been a writer – a storyteller – and when I had my first wombfruit I was dreadfully underwhelmed with the portrait studio’s photographs of her. I knew there was better out there, but I couldn’t afford it, so the husby and I trekked to Best Buy and I bought an entry level SLR and some kit glass and started chasing her around. Fast forward three years, another wombfruit and move across the country later, and I was being asked to shoot a friends wedding. She didn’t take no for an answer, and the rest is sort of history.

What is unique about your style of shooting?

I think my imagery is really rich – both in color and in story, and especially in my market that makes it stand out. I’ve never been all about the flowers or the invites or the dress and details, though those things are awesome and fun to photograph. I am – and my photographs are – three thousand percent about the story. That’s what gives life to my work. That’s what makes me burn. I want to know my clients on a deeper level, beyond their wedding day. I want to know their parents and siblings and their histories, and then I want to make images of them in a way that honors those truths, their past and the hope for their future. I don’t try to simply shoot their wedding, but aim, instead, to chronicle a piece of their life. And I think that approach changes the way my images feel – in a good way.

Include one of your images that is your most recent favorite and explain why you love it.

There were so many images I could have chosen – so many are my favorite – so I chose one that shows my couple being exactly who they are, even on, especially on, their wedding day. They had cupcakes for their guests, and a small cake for them, and instead of cutting it and slicing it and being “traditional” Bre + Michael grabbed their forks and dug in. For no other reason then it’s who they are. Then they fed some cake to the wedding party. It was so perfect and unexpected. I love beautiful scenery and perfect light and great dresses, but it’s clients like these, and moments like this, where I most love my job.

What do you struggle with the most? Business wise or shooting wise.

Shooting wise I struggle with staying inspired. I have two jobs, both of them basically full time (shooting and a corporate job), and it’s tough to balance sometimes, and even more difficult to carve out time to shoot just for the sake of shooting, and I miss that. I miss the time I used to have to document the moments in my own life, and to go out, camera in hand, and explore. My goal this year is to get back to that. Business wise, it’s tough for me to market. I’m really not great at being disingenuous and have a super low tolerance for people who aren’t authentic, and marketing always feels so … I don’t know … fake to me. Hey! You! Hire me! Blech. I just can’t bring myself to do it. So I sort of just let my images and my online persona speak for themselves, and I often wonder if my lack of no-holds-barred advertising hinders my bookings. I know my work is great, but I also know a lot of people aren’t seeing it.

Where do you see wedding photography heading next? Where would like to see it go?

I want to see it go back to being about story. Truly. I’m so fed up with it being about winning things, or being better than this person’s work or that person’s work. I want it to be about the people. About the emotion. About the beauty and wonder and joy and insane imperfect perfection of a wedding story. Love – the kind that brings people to a wedding, into a marriage – is a big deal. It’s raw and it’s rare and it’s worth savoring. I want wedding imagery to be centered on that. Screw floral arrangements. ;)

If you could send one message to the wedding photography world, what would it be? (Basically, your life motto)

I think my answer to the question above is a great start. But more so, I would say – know the story you want to write with your life. Stay true to that character, that story arc. Be a warrior for love. Experiment boldly. Make big mistakes. Fail. Fail bigger. Don’t be afraid to bite off more than you can chew. Life is fleeting and can be unflinchingly cruel to you if you let it, but it can also be the most magnificent journey ever. Sometimes – often times – it is both. Embrace it. And then take photographs of it.

What drives you as a person and as a wedding photographer?

Love. Always love.

What makes you confetti throw at the end of the day?

If I say you will you print it? Really. It’s the truth. People like you, Lydia, leading and dreaming and driving this industry to a better place, a truer place, makes my heart skip. It’s just the best.


gurrrllll, i love you.  ahaha, thank you Athena.  y’all need to get to know her work.  this is for sure.  check out more of her work on HER SITE and HER BLOG.  follow her Instagram for some of her artwork too.



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for sending this one over to share.  they got married at her parents’ home.  i don’t know how much sweeter it can get than that.

just a note that Tailored Filter is switching names to Anthony Gauna which makes sense since Anthony is the photographer behind the name.  glad he’s making the move.

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for their actual elopement, they decided to hire a driver, trek up and over the Atlas Mountains to Ouarzazate for some more portraits, then as they headed back down the snow covered hills, they exchanged their vows and rings.  just them and their photographers.  no fuss.  no frills. just absolute bliss and perfection.

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as well as HUGH WHITAKER for sending this one to share.  i can’t believe they sent me this one to share with you all.  so unbelievably lucky.  and i feel like i didn’t do them justice so you’l have to check both JENNIFER’S POST and HUGH’S POST for more.  then obviously check out more of their stunning photography on their blogs- JENNIFER’S BLOG and HUGH’S BLOG.

p.s. congrats to Jennifer and Hugh on their recent engagement!!  *throws confetti*