welcome to the new look of Ever Ours!


*throws confetti*

nothing too drastic has changed.  i guess just more of a different look.

there’s still a few tweaks here and there that need to be made.  but i hope you all like it!

i guess the main thing to point out is you need to head to the little heart in the top right of each post and click on it so you can leave a comment.

not enough thanks can be given to

Scott Branch of Ocean 5 Interactive


Jane Jeon of Olive Hue Paper Goods

 they’re more than amazing at what they do and most definitely the most calm and patient to work with.  so so fortunate that they helped me with this project and if you’re thinking about changing something up about your site, reach out to one of them…seriously.  can’t say enough good things about them.

anyways, i’m almost back to blogging again full time.  i’m almost back in that mindset and ready to bring you all some amazing work again.

stay tuned, especially for next week cause there’s going to be something gorgeous coming your way.


    jeff marsh says:

    dope!! love it

    Jane says:

    Lydia! I get home and I see all this on my feed about this being live!!! So excited for you!! Glad to have helped you create something so personal for you! :) xoxo

    I am very *I like turtles* about this redesign, L. My gut response = “I LIKE THIS,” right when I opened your page. I think that means your redesign is a WINNER! Oh you didn’t know I’m the ultimate judge of site redesigns? Because I AM. I AM THAT